Camp Villmark is the Scandinavian Game Fair

Camp Villmark (previously known as Villmarksmessen) is the leading Scandinavian Game Fair, an established arena for exhibitors and visitors interested in hunting, fishing and outdoor life. The game fair has taken place every year since 1982. In 2014, Norway Trade Fairs purchased the fair from its founders, and Camp Villmark is the revitalisation of the traditional Villmarksmessen. We aim to create an interactive event with a main focus on activities, learning and experiences for people in all ages.


The fair will include various activities, workshops and lectures, as well as the opportunity to purchase products from numerous relevant suppliers. Our aim is to inspire people to utilise all the great possibilities the outdoor provides.


When and where:

31 March – 2 April  2017 at Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrøm


Become an exhibitor:

For more information or to register as an exhibitor, contact Per Anders Iversen . Tel: +47 917 06 137



Tel: +47 66 93 91 00
Norway Trade fairs, Messeveien 8, 2001 Lillestrøm